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Senior Executive

As an executive, your primary concern is the 'Bottom-Line'. You want to know how your company's web initiatives have impacted on the 'raw numbers' or at least the factors that affect them. You want to know what products and/or services need to be added, improved or discarded to achieve better web site roi.

ECRA Consulting's proprietary software and professional website marketing strategy allow senior business analysts to get a holistic view and accurate forecast of their company's online performance. Utilizing the available features and guidance to monitor KPIs and compare the effect of several initiatives from one seamless dashboard is an invaluable tool to determine allocation of online effort and budget.

We ensure that senior executives attain:


Increased Profitability

Increase your profitability by optimizing your online customer attainment strategy, lowering your overall Cost per Acquisition (CPA) and improving your online customer conversion strategy. By allowing you to connect with your customers on a more intimate level, you gain a better understanding of your market's needs and behaviours. Your ECRA Consultants implement a solution that provides you with all the needed information to make informed decisions pertaining to your overall sales strategy.


Improved Trackability

One of the major benefits of doing business on the web is that it's the most trackable medium available to advertisers. We allow you to analyze and interpret the effectiveness of each of your marketing initiatives, both online and off in real-time, by allowing you to see the hard numbers of what works, how well it works and what simply is wasting your time, effort and money. more details...


Accurate Forecasting of Probability

Easy to use and interpret, our graphical displays of key statistics allow you to view important trends as time progresses. Compare past campaign performance with the present, past traffic figures with the present, past conversion rates and cycle times etc. Be able to predict what will work against what will not in the future. more details...


Enhanced Agility

The ability to quickly deploy and test campaign performance, sales copy, web design and calls to action is very important in this fast-paced economy. Real-time information and tools at your fingertips make it easy for you to be as nimble as you need to be.



Decisions pertaining to online spending budgets can be easily justified by presenting the relevant information. Your ECRA Consultants ensure that you have all the information you need about online sales, campaign performance, lead generation, conversion rates and visitor trends etc.


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