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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn't a one-time effort. Search engines are notorious for their habit of constantly changing ranking algorithms, submission rules and the way they present search engine results pages. The variables that influence your search engine visibility are constantly changing. Search engines update their rules, competitors constantly optimize their pages to improve their rankings and new players enter.

Without an SEO solution to keep you constantly updated on changes that could negatively affect your rankings, you could lose highly targeted web traffic to your competitors.

Our SEO Services Include:

Website Audit

With your permission, we will conduct a full audit of your site to compare your current strategy with what works. We accurately analyze dozens of parameters on your pages that affect your overall search engine ranking for specific keywords and phrases (e.g. meta tags, titles, keyword frequency, keyword prominence, keyword weight etc.) You are then presented with a comprehensive document, detailing improvements that need to be made for each keyword, phrase and search engine.

search engine optimization services

Competitive Analysis

Several features of your site will be compared to what your competitors and top-ranked sites are utilizing on their pages. Detailed optimization advice is then presented based on these comparisons.

Keyword Research and Selection

We work with you to select relevant keywords by searching an online, real-time database of terms that people actually use to find information online. We then tell you how often people search for them along with how many competing sites use those keywords allowing you to even spot surges of interest on the Internet.

Natural/ Organic Optimization

Website optimization is a rigorous and on-going exercise, which requires our consultants to be constantly up-to-date with each search engine's changing rules, parameters and algorithms. ECRA Consultants will continuously analyze each key section of your website to identify and list the necessary changes to design, content, navigation and linking structure to ensure your best performance on the top engines.

Linking Strategy

The quality and quantity of the sites that link to your website all play a very important role (especially on Google) in your search engine ranking. We ensure that you have an accurate linking strategy in place that specifies rules on link partnering, link anchor text and deep linking etc.

Search Engine Submission

We take on the task of ensuring that your site gets submitted to all the relevant search engines, allowing you to even conduct geo-targeting. These engines will include all the key players like Yahoo, MSN, Google, Ask Jeeves, All the Web etc.


Tracking your ROI is integral to your success. We constantly provide you with reports that track your optimization performance and also serve as our report card. By comparing these reports over a period of time it is very easy to identify positive changes. Please see Search Analytics for more information.

Reports will include:

  1. Search Ranking
  2. Alexa ranking
  3. Competition analysis
  4. Traffic Analysis
  5. Customer Acquisition and Conversion.


What are your online marketing challenges? Why not contact us now to discuss how we can help you improve your bottom line by improving your search engine visibility.

search engine optimization services

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