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Customer Service Managers

Statistics state that it costs about 5-10 times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. It also states that most purchases are made after an average of six pre-sales contacts with a prospective customer. This is why we tailor a website marketing strategy for Customer Service Managers to provide world-class pre and post-sales customer service.

Today, business is all about differentiating yourself from the competition and service is one factor that weighs heavily on your customers' decisions to choose you as their provider of choice. Our suite of strategic internet marketing solutions guarantees that a proper website marketing strategy is in place to maintain a communication loop between you and your most valuable customers.

ECRA Consulting's solutions provide Customer Service Managers with the technology, expert guidance and winning customer service website marketing strategy to provide important pre-sales communication, facilitate excellent after-sales service and also measure, monitor and optimize the performance of their web based support/self-service content.

We give you the end-to-end solution to effectively transform your dot-com into a powerful tool to improve, enhance and monitor the satisfaction of your customers.


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